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Difficult Decisions

Difficult Decisions

June 06, 20242 min read

Three Things to Remember When Making and Implementing Difficult Decisions

Your role as a leader is crucial. I've been doing this leadership thing for as long as I can remember. I've come to understand that making and implementing difficult decisions is one of our most challenging yet significant responsibilities.

Whether it's church discipline, helping people experiencing financial hardship, or identifying and addressing unacceptable behavior, making and implementing difficult decisions is "difficult" and not much fun.

It's just plain hard. It's hard to tell someone the decisions they've made in their life have resulted in their predicament. Or, repeated bad behavior and poor judgment have unpleasant consequences for everyone involved.

But, the challenge and difficulty of a decision is no excuse for avoiding or ignoring it. It's got to be done, and as a leader, it's your responsibility.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind ...

  1. The Long-Term Health of the Church - Remember that the decision you are making or the action you're taking is in the church's best interest. The church can be affected if issues aren't identified and addressed promptly. As a leader, you must make and implement the decisions that will protect the church.

  2. The Long-Term Health of the Individual(s) - While it may be painful at the time, your decision is often in the best interest of the individual(s) involved. It may not 'feel' like it at the time, but the individual(s) will likely be better off due to your honest and open communication and action-taking. It's like a bitter pill that leads to a healthier future.

  3. The Long-Term Health of You—Yes. It's important to keep this one in mind. Chances are, the decisions you make and implement as a leader will help you in the long run. Whether it be a staff member needing to move on or some other unpleasant circumstance, your life will be a lot easier once it's done.

Founder of Executive Pastor Online, passionate about what Jesus calls us to do through the local church.

Kevin Stone

Founder of Executive Pastor Online, passionate about what Jesus calls us to do through the local church.

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