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Chief Security Officer ... Module 7

leadership Sep 06, 2023

As you know by now, I’ve recently launched this new website featuring video curriculum in addition to my blog and other resources. Many of you have already taken advantage of the first of many courses I plan to offer over the coming months: Course 1 – The Many Roles of the Executive Pastor.

This morning, I added Module 7 – Chief Security Officer (CSO)!

Why video curriculum?

For almost 15 years, I’ve coached executive pastors and other church leaders, helping them to strengthen infrastructure and otherwise improve themselves and their ministries. During these year-long engagements, I cover many topics, including the executive pastor’s job description, Course 1.

While I know it doesn’t necessarily replace the value of a one-on-one coaching relationship, I wanted to make the topics I normally cover more available to everyone. I hope these video courses do exactly that!

There’s still time to take advantage of a special introductory offer for the first course!

Contact Me for a Coupon Code and learn more HERE.


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