If you’re interested, I do some consulting occasionally … making myself available to work with other church leaders on growth strategies, infrastructure development, planning, and just about anything else you would expect from a “business guy” turned resource for church leaders.

My consulting services range from coaching new executive pastors to partnering with church staffs to create and implement strategic plans and related infrastructure that enables the church to better accomplish its mission.

Most of my consulting services fit into these 3 categories:

  • Coaching – Most of my coaching relationships are 1 year in duration, happening via weekly 1 hour conference calls or online video sessions. By the end of the formal relationship the new executive pastor is ready to go, no longer in need my services. [Read More]
  • Assessment – Whether it be part of a coaching relationship or not, I am available to spend time with you and your church to do an assessment. Most of the time a church is looking to grow and desires to have an outside set of eyes make some recommendations.
  • Executive Pastor Services – Once a church reaches 700 to 1,000 in average weekly attendance, it’s usually time to start thinking about formalizing leadership of the administrative details. These details include planning, operational readiness, financial management, facilities organization and maintenance, and day-to-day staff leadership. I can also partner with you in this area, whether it be recruiting an executive pastor or helping you through some of the areas normally part of the executive pastor’s job description.

If you would like to discuss my consulting services in more detail and discover how I might be able to help you and your staff accomplish your church’s mission, contact me.