Church Growth – Trying Something New!

Pete Rose PostWe’re trying something a little different this year when it comes to our growth strategy.

Typically we’ll focus our energy on creating 3 or 4 “BIG Sundays” a year. By BIG Sundays, I mean more investment in production and a pretty major advertising campaign (direct mail, billboards, etc.).

This year the plan is to increase 3 or 4 to 12, or 1 per month.

Next month (March 30th) we have invited Pete Rose to be a part of a Sunday with a special theme: Everybody Deserves A Second Chance!

We’re hoping we can get a lot of new people to show up to see/meet Pete Rose and to hear how Jesus has given all of us, no matter who we are, a second chance.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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  • Kevin M. Stone

    Hi Owen!

    No. Easter and Christmas Eve are 2 of the 12. We are also planning something BIG for May (Mother’s Day) and June (Father’s Day). In the past these haven’t been BIG days.

    Make sense?

  • Owen Morgan

    Are those big days in addition to Easter and Christmas? Do you make a big deal out of other calendar days like Mothers Day and Fathers Day?

  • Kevin M. Stone

    Hi Jon!

    Should be fun!

  • Jon Stolpe

    I’m really excited about this opportunity. As a baseball fan and Phillies fan, it was hard not to cheer for Pete Rose as a hard-nosed player. I’ll be interested to hear how he handles the questions about second chances. (I’m also wondering if he’ll be up for any autographs?)