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Technical Arts Team Leader Ministry Description


Serving as Technical Arts Team Leader helps to ensure the church accomplishes its mission through creative and inspiring weekend services supported by an excellent technical arts infrastructure (people and equipment).

General Description

The Technical Arts Team Leader supports the Arts Pastor in recruiting, training, developing, deploying, and recognizing technical artists as needed to sustain a weekend service rotation schedule. This includes potential technical arts team member identification and follow up, interviewing, qualifying, and scheduling as well as directing technical artists during weekend services and special events.

Time Commitment

The Technical Arts Team Leader serves as needed on the weekend to ensure the technical arts needs of the church are met. Time is also required of the Technical Arts Team Leader to manage schedules, meet with Technical Arts Team members, and to maintain/improve the church’s technical arts equipment/infrastructure. In addition to the normal serving schedule, the Technical Arts Team Leader may be asked to participate in annual conferences or other training and development related activities.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Regularly identify and follow up with potential Technical Arts Team members as needed to fully staff a Technical Arts Team that sustains a weekend service rotation schedule and to provide serving opportunities for qualified technical artists (sound, lights, video, media projection, and technical direction).
  2. Assist the Arts staff (Producer, Production Assistant, Arts Pastor) in scheduling and conducting production meetings as needed to prepare for weekend services.
  3. Maintain Technical Arts Team schedules and routinely communicate with Technical Arts Team members.
  4. Lead periodic Technical Arts Team training sessions and volunteer development activities ensuring the Technical Arts Team continuously delivers the desired technical performance for a particular Sunday’s overall teaching objective.
  5. Conduct regular Technical Arts Team meetings to ensure Technical Arts Team members are continuously aware of the church’s mission and objectives and that members are recognized for their contributions.
  6. Provide creative technical input as requested by the Arts staff as a part of the church’s Service Planning and Design process.
Training, Resources, and Other Requirements

The Technical Arts Team Leader has routine access to all equipment used in the performance of weekend services. Attending periodic conferences and/or seminars/training sessions is regularly required to ensure the best tools and techniques are being utilized by the church in the production of weekend services. At a minimum, the Technical Arts Team Leader must meet all church membership requirements.

Reporting Relationship

The Technical Arts Team Leader reports to the Arts Pastor.

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