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Are Truly Great “Leaders” Really Hard To Find?

Leadership Fundamentals Post Are Truly Great Leaders Really Hard To Find?

Leadership boils down to what we do, not the results of a spiritual gifts assessment or Myers-Briggs survey. These are good tools to help evaluate an individual and their leadership “potential,” but they do not tell us whether or not a person is great at leadership. Going to school, no matter how advanced the degree(s) or prestigious the school, doesn’t make a person a great leader.

Truly great leadership is about putting others first with your actions. It’s about creating a culture that treats people with respect and encourages them to take risks. It’s about creating a culture that fundamentally supports the actions of people, success or failure.

As I saw recently on the back of a church van, “Less talk, more walk!” I loved it!

What are the fundamentals of great leadership?

Over the past few years I’ve put my thoughts on the fundamentals of great leadership in writing. Here’s a list of links to those posts. Read, consider, and comment. I’m interested in hearing what you think about these fundamentals and what you might add to the list.

  1. Don’t Play the Blame Game
  2. Be Optimistic
  3. Developing Infrastructure is Critical
  4. Eliminate Fear from the Organization
  5. “They” is We
  6. Lead From the Front
  7. Accessibility
  8. Consistency

Can you think of a number 9 or 10? I’m interested in your comments. If you have something to add post a comment!

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