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Staff Policy Manual Timekeeping

The Executive Pastor Is An HR ManagerAll nonexempt staff members are required to complete a timesheet at the end of each pay period, accurately recording hours worked. Timesheets should include the hours they work. The law requires YOUR CHURCH to keep accurate records of “time worked” in order to correctly calculate staff member pay and benefits. “Time worked” is defined as the total time that a nonexempt staff member spends performing their assigned work.

Nonexempt staff members must accurately record start and stop times, including the beginning and end of meal periods, split shifts, or whenever it is necessary to leave the workplace for any other non-work related reason. Any and all overtime must be approved in advance by the staff member’s ministry area leader.

Nonexempt staff members should be sure information they are recording is as accurate as possible. Submitting information that is not accurate may result in corrective action up to and including termination.

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