A Leadership Fundamental

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I believe a good leader absolutely must be a consistent leader! It's extremely important to follow through and do what you say you are going to do. Why? What does it mean to be consistent as a leader? Does it mean inflexible or “not creative?” Does it mean that you are “set in your ways?” How can a leader do the things leaders are supposed to do –like “stir the pot” when things are too settled– and be consistent … [Read more...]


Don't Create "False Urgency" When Trying To Address Complacency


I recently reread the book A Sense of Urgency by John Kotter. Good read! I'm a frustrated reader most of the time. I pick up a book with a good title or maybe by an author I like, only to find out after I've invested some time, that it's the same old stuff written in a different way by someone different. Not the case this time. I like how Kotter addresses the issue of "false urgency." When a leader is … [Read more...]

The Top 10 Posts From August 2015

This Month's Most Popular Posts

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Here they are! The top 10 Executive Pastor Online posts from August 2015. Take a look ... Executive Pastor Job Description Associate Pastor Job Description Executive Pastor Online Resources Pastor Of Pastoral Care Job Description Capital Campaign Naming ... An Interesting Exercise How To Write A Job Description Volunteer Coordinator Job Description Assistant To The Senior Pastor Job … [Read more...]

Service Planning And Design Operating Procedure

Applying "Workflow" To A Very Critical "Creative" Process In The Church

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Purpose The purpose of this operating procedure is to establish, document, and communicate the process for planning and designing weekend services at YOUR CHURCH. Scope The service planning and design process should be used by paid staff and ministry area volunteers as needed for understanding of and participation in planning and design of weekend services at YOUR CHURCH.  This process does not include detailed … [Read more...]

Tim Chaddick & Craig Borlase On “Community”

This Week's Top Quote From Around The Web

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"If Christ is the power that drives your friendships and the focus of your community, both will go to the deepest level. Some of us miss out on community and struggle with loneliness for this precise reason: we do not allow Jesus to be our central motivation. We deal in guilt rather than grace, keeping score as we go. It is tempting to withhold forgiveness and truth from people when Jesus is not the focus, and this … [Read more...]

The Best Of The Blogosphere For The Week Of August 24th

This Week's Top Posts From Around The Web

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Here are this week's top 5: 10 Reasons Guys Need Male Friends In The Church - Chuck Lawless Phrases Successful Leaders Never Use - Zoe Anderson 6 Things I Learned From My First Month In Leadership Training - Jacqueline Cole 6 Requirements For Cultivating Community In A Church - Rick Warren Do These 7 Things to Get (And Stay) Motivated - Brian Tracy And, this week's funny video... … [Read more...]

Creating The Annual Budget

The Annual Process Of Developing The Budget, Along With A Few Pointers

Developing The Annual Budget

In my role as Executive Pastor, one of the things I can never avoid is doing the budget for the church each year. The budget is due to the eldership in early December, and it takes a bunch of work to get it together. I usually start working on it in mid to late August. I wanted to share the process I go through each year, along with a few pointers. I’ll assume your church uses QuickBooks or some other application … [Read more...]

Leadership Evangelism

The "Key" When It Comes To Spiritual Development And Church Growth

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I have spoken to and worked with many church leaders over the years, and one of the most common issues they are facing is the challenge of finding leaders to enable and fuel the growth of their ministries. Without a good supply of leaders, a church will find it very difficult to grow, increasing conversions and expanding its impact on the community and beyond. And, if the church is focused on reaching the … [Read more...]