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Staff Policy Manual Alcohol And Drug Use

The Executive Pastor Is An HR ManagerYOUR CHURCH’s buildings and grounds are completely alcohol and illegal drug free. Therefore, consumption of alcohol or use of illegal drugs on church property is strictly prohibited. However, in some cases events hosted off of church property may include the serving of alcohol. In all cases events such as these are of the type that would require the serving of alcohol in order to be a success. Examples include YOUR CHURCH’s Comedy Night event and other events for the same demographic and purpose as Comedy Night.

The consumption of alcohol in moderation may also be permitted at certain church staff events such as retreats, holiday dinners, etc. Any such event where alcohol will be served must be held off YOUR CHURCH property and be approved in advance by the Executive and Senior Pastors.

YOUR CHURCH staff members who choose to drink on their own time must do so in moderation, being careful not to become intoxicated. A good general guideline is not to exceed two drinks of any type in one sitting and never allow oneself to exceed the legal limit.

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